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When traffic is bad and fuel is expensive, delivery will be popular

Makes sense. Now, while most people only see bad things in this stifling situation, there are also those who recognize an opportunity to make something positive (read: make money) out of our collective quandary. In case you haven’t noticed, the outdoor advertising business is flourishing. The billboards are bigger, brighter and more colorful than they’ve ever been. LED digital displays even show us videos while we sit helplessly in the middle of EDSA. I’m sure the sales pitch of billboard space providers to their potential clients goes something like this: “Let us help you reach the countless motorists and commuters stuck in traffic every day. They have no choice but to see your ad.” Malls are also making a killing these days. All kinds of shops and services now flock to giant shopping centers in an effort to go where the customers are. Car companies prefer to put up pocket mall displays instead of staging one major-production event. They’re cheaper and more effective in bringing the brand and the products to the target market. Even government agencies like the LTO and the DFA have branches in malls.

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